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Fast-track a new career through this grant-funded, hands-on program in Northwest Ohio.

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Average starting pay is $23/hr with competitive benefits

Tap into high-demand job openings

Flex your STEM skills with a range of career opportunities

Help keep your community flowing

sixteen week program

Get workforce-ready with this affordable fast-track

  • First 8 Weeks

    To start, you’ll learn about the differences between drinking water and wastewater equipment and processes in order to choose your path in careers protecting public health and the environment.

  • Second 8 Weeks

    On top of your classroom learning four days a week, you will spend one day a week on-site for hands-on learning.

  • test ready

    From the classroom to hands-on learning, you will be prepared for the State of Ohio EPA operator certification exam that is required to become a licensed drinking water or wastewater treatment professional.

Where can you work?

Available Opportunities

There is high employment demand in the public water and wastewater utilities and private industries. Check out the list to find the best fit for you.

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Career Spotlight

Nicole Spillano, Operator Wet Weather

“Being an operator is different from anything I have done before. The income is feasible for my lifestyle and has improved my quality of life."

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